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7 Legal phrases and what they mean

Legal phrases to common man are confusing – as common people are often not familiar with their usage and what they denote. At times legal phrases may sound so different one may have to open a dictionary to understand its actual meaning. While dictionary may give you the meaning, even that seem to be confusing to a layman – and only because it’s not used in everyday conversation. For instance, words like bon voyage (French – have a nice trip), status quo (Latin – the existing condition), doppelganger (German – a ghostly double of a living person) though not belonging to the English language is used in everyday parlance. But words like actus reus , ad litem , animus nocendi etc. though commonly used legal terms are almost impossible to remember and use! Every practicing attorneys often find it difficult to remember the right legal terms. But law and legal affairs are something that no man can escape totally. Either for resolving a family issue, a civil case, a property case or an

Ever checked the validity of your database?

Here we are talking about how many valid data do you have, and not literally the validity. It would be surprising to learn how many invalid email addresses you collect via web forms and other self-reported collection points. While working on one of the projects for our clients, we ran a small observation. The request was for an email reverse append for the client who wanted to obtain the name and postal address for emails they had acquired. Our appending team had put in their full effort in collating the details of the list. However, by the end of the completion of this report, we were a little disheartened at the result. We were just able to append the requested information to about 19% of the file. Initially we though our team had not given their best shot and decided to have a keen run through, but there was nothing more to add. Later we found that a huge number of bogus or invalid email addresses had made into these sign up forms. If this client had not come to us or any