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What Are The Skills Required To Be A Media Professional?

Media is a booming spectrum of career, right from production, planning, till public relations, there are humongous amount of opportunities mushrooming this arena. Even though the profile of each job is distinctively different from one other, yet there are several set of skills that are mandatory in across the media, be it event management, journalism, advertising, public relation or branding and marketing. Some of the characteristics we noted remain very much a requirement of what social pros ideally should possess. Media Professionals CREATIVITY Irrespective of which area of media are you working with, you are required to be creative in your approach both on and off the job. Without creativity, survival in media is a tough task. PRO-ACTIVENESS Unlike most of the other fields, you work beyond 9am-5pm. It is true that your schedule will be fixed in office but thanks to the amazing connectivity that internet provides you will be taking conference calls, plans for next day,

Major Changes That Impacted the EU Consumers

European Consumers The year 2016 witnessed many changes that may have transformed the Consumer landscape across the European Union. From initiating a package of measures crafted to bring about business growth to ensuring that consumers could now shop for and sell products through online channels with much ease; there was a resurgence of the European Consumer trends.  The European Commission believed that the consumer potential across the European Union is untapped and exploring and addressing the shortcomings can boost revenue generation across the EU. The three major rules employed by the EU to tap the potential of the European consumers is explored as follows: Reducing the costs of cross-border parcel delivery The proposed regulation allows retailers and consumers to benefit from suitable return options so as to facilitate deliveries and to ensure that there is quick response to deal with shoppers from remote regions. There have been attempts to introduce greater price

Top 3 Challenges faced by CIOs in Europe

Successful organizations are focussing more on strategic methods to approach challenges that speckle the path of success. In doing so, they are investing big on technology and on creative and organized leaders to manage them. The Chief Information Officer is thus an integral part of multinational business enterprises. The rising popularity of Information and Communication Technologies reiterates the need for businesses to have the best CIOs at work and to provide them ample opportunities to prove themselves.  European CIOs have specific business challenges that they need to overcome in order to add value to business. The competing demands on their time make their job all the more challenging. Europe is facing multiple crisis owing to Brexit and several other changes in the business landscape. Therefore they are finding ways to combat the business challenges to augment business and to ensure that their contribution yields results. The Top 3 Challenges that the European CIOs are


The human resources (HR) field has blossomed into one of the core features of modern organizations. With responsibilities that range from hiring and on-boarding to the daily concerns of employees of organizations, a HR manager can be a visible and important component of an employee’s working life. For those interested in the field, it can be helpful to note the importance of some practical skills to help improve job performance. The HR requires leadership capabilities to motivate and mesh together a diverse workforce, optimizing productivity and job satisfaction. What does a human resources executive do? An HR executive is a key member of the HR department, often playing an instrumental role in many HR functions, or leading a team of HR staff for various projects. Given below are 5 skills that form a solid core for effective HR executives. Organization Being organized is an important trait of many types of managers. Personal nature of HR typically forces managers to appro