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Check the strength of your database

There are data vendors who work in a country and provide data related to that country alone. However there are many other data vendors who can provide you with the external data. But how much data does the supplier have in-house that can be continuously used to update your database? Is it one national database, or many? All data sets have inherent strengths and weaknesses. A provider who can supply data from multiple sources will be able to provide right indicators from the best data sets for your specific goals. The database however should ideally be scalable if you grow. Do check your vendor with what is the service level agreement – what percentage of uptime and availability is guaranteed? Make sure that the solution you choose has an easy application that can be accessed and used by all members of your marketing team, so you can plan and execute campaigns on YOUR schedule. Ask as many questions to your data vendors as possible. We are ready to accept any number of que

What are you doing with your database?

Did you know that over 90% of marketers outsource some or all of their database management needs. While doing one of our surveys on the industry, we stumbled upon certain facts which include that many companies do not have a database solution that works. Are you one among those who struggle to generate effective marketing campaigns from an in-house database?   Is your current service provider not living up to expectations? If so, you are not alone, and should look into a platform and partner that will deliver clean data and easy to deploy campaign management. No matter whether you are investigating an outsource partner for database builds and marketing campaign management for the first time, or seeking options for a new service provider, make a profile check, to be on the safer side. It is also not advisable to remain dependent on a single data services sources. Looking for a change in your data service provider?  Fill out my Wufoo form!

When you plan to change your data service provider

Before making that transition, make sure that you seek answers to certain important questions. Do just listen to what your peers say or what the website does. You make a clear check, before hand. Here are some of the questions you need to get the answers from your data provider. What is the degree of flexibility of the data formats - You have been comfortable using a certain format for your business. What if your data provider uses something else. Don’t get stuck in converting those files to the most compatible format. You have to seek an answer to this question, even before you share you data with them.  Check on their Analytics Expertise - Does the supplier have an internal analytics team? Or do they rely on mass-produced segmentation systems? If you want a custom built solution that will achieve the highest ROI for you, you’ll want access to a team that can customize anything from a simple good customer model to a sophisticated regression model.  Time take for the deliver

Have you taken up the double opt-in method?

Sending away random mails to random people is not going to fetch you anything much. However, with an opt in mail you are sure to have connected only with those who have agreed to listen to you. When you use the double opt-in method, you're targeting only those subscribers who really want to hear from you. But when you are going for the double opted-in lists, they have a much higher engagement levels over time which translates to more opens and clicks and lesser bounce and unsubscribe rate. In ROI terms, your investment will stay fairly low while your return will increase your spam complaints. This will come down drastically as you people who have opted in cannot include their friend,  co-workers, neighbors etc who didn't give permission to be added to the list. If a person or malicious bot enters an The mails will not reach those who have accidentally reached on to your website.  No more abc or xyz logins. They have to have a valid email address to opt-in. You're