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How good is the data collated from sign up forms?

Customer details collated from sign up forms, event, trade shows, drop boxes most of the time fall into corrupt email ids. Files with bogus, irrelevant email ids needs a major cleaning, and a process put in place to address data hygiene on a regular basis.

Depending on the business model and method of email address collection, this can even be done in real time as people are providing email addresses and other contact data.

he first step is to update postal address records to ensure a good email match. This process includes NCOALink®, national change of address processing, or PCOAPlus processing dependent upon your budget. After postal address processing is complete, other email services can be provided including email append, reverse email append and email verification.

This can be followed by the next step where you can run a full email validation process.  This 8-step process flags potential undelivered email addresses, auto corrects syntactical errors, and identifies spam traps,…

All about ECOA

Many are unaware of the term ECOA which stands for Email change of address. That is the reason they never bother to inform about their change of address. There are another set of people for example those who are in this industry who are very much aware of the term, its use and its purpose, yet they never take this seriously.

Have you ever checked on how many readers have ever submitted an email change of address form? How many readers even know where to go to submit an email change of address form?
We are not saying that you go to every retailer and other offline stores and inform them about their change of address. We are concerned about using one of the companies that offer email change of address as a service. Where do they get their names and email addresses? I sure don’t know.
How many readers have actually purchased an email change of address service for one of your mailing lists? Do you know where the addresses came from?

Not many people buy this email change of address servic…

Why go for custom built?

Not always that you have a marketing plan, you are sure to get all your database. Many data vendors provide you with the data that is already used by other companies. All you know your own competitors might have used the same data to launch their next marketing plan. Now are you sure of your marketing mails to stand out in the inbox of your customers.

Even if you have the most responsive and well researched email template, there is a high chance of your mails being lost in the muddle of other mails. So what do you do?
You know for a fact that your ideas and your customer profiles are not exactly same as someone else. Then why not go for a custom built database. These custom built database are simpler and the reach is much higher than any of the other lists you propose to invest on.

Based on your existing marketing strategy, you may ask for the data vendor to provide you with the database which has your target audience, under specific demographic, falling a particular age group, Title…

Ever tried to run your data on a reverse mode?

Reverse email appending helps your database, personalize marketing communications and enable direct marketing by attaching names and postal addresses to your email contacts. Research has proven that targeted, personalized, multi-channel marketing generates the greatest response rates and, in turn, revenue. However, not many are aware of the reverse appending process. Although it’s a simple appending process, it is one of the most efficient one presently in the industry.

How Does Reverse Email Append Work?

The data vendor or the data appending service provider would maintain an in-house database which is updated and consists of unique email addresses that are attached to a first name, last name and a DPV (Delivery Point Validation) certified postal address.

Your database of email addresses is matched against this list to append names and postal addresses to 30-50% of your records. As the data vendor’s data is updated monthly and certified for validity it ensures that you do not waste mo…

When you don’t want to shoot in the dark

Marketing is a hard work. Connecting with your customers is also hard. But connecting with the right lead, when he is ready to buy, converting him into a customer and retaining him from slipping away to your competitors is what takes a lot of work. You just cannot shoot in the dark and expect it to hit the right target all the time.

What you need for all these is enhancing your consumer database with demographic data. This makes way for the analysis and further understanding of your customers.  This is a critical step in growing a customer base. Data collected through buying habits, real estate transactions and credit reporting are all available for append to the customer’s Consumer database.

There are many companies that attempt to provide this service but lack the most basic data matching skills required to make an accurate transfer of data.  It’s not the match rate that matters but the accuracy of the match.  Since many households can be found at an address and not always have an …

5 Interpersonal Skills For Nurses

A Brazilian philosopher had once said “Only through communication can human life hold meaning”, art of communication has been a necessity for every sphere. We might be good in speaking within the family and peers it’s not necessary that professionally it shall be our forte. Interpersonal skills need honing from time to time for achieving excellence. Medical professionals like nurses need to possess exceptional communication charm in order to interact properly with patients, doctors and colleagues under demanding circumstances. Its a stressful career and one needs to deal with it systematically to provide a perfect liaison between patients and doctors. We shall have a glimpse of the top 5 interpersonal skills required for nurse practitioners to function effectively.
Be attentive: Since nurses spend a lot of time with the doctors as well as patients therefore its necessary to listen properly to their concerns and feedback. A person who’s not aware of the high profile medical terms might…

Have you Tested and Validated your data

Many businesses fail to test their data before and after the data vendor has added, appended or updated it.

The ideal approach should be that once the data is cleansed and you have zeroed in on a vendor, run a test. Select a random sample of 5,000 records and ask the vendor to run them through the data append process to append the elements you want. This test will let you get an idea on how good the match rate will be for your full file.

Matching will never be at 100 percent, but the test can let you know if the rate will be enough to produce a useful file in the 60 to 80 percent range. And, because not all data elements are likely to be appended to all records, you will be able to determine how much coverage you will get of the data elements you want the most. European Lists provides a Free Trial test to show the accuracy rate, the turnaround time, the details of the data and the support we can provide in helping you interpret the results.

You should ideally validate the results whe…