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7 skills identified as the most highly-valued for C-suite candidates

C-Level Executives The C-suite is considered the most important and influential group of individuals at a company. Being a member of this group comes with high-stakes decision making, a more demanding workload and high compensation. Who are C-Level Executives? C-Level Executives are the highest-level executives in senior management usually having titles beginning with "chief" forming what is often called the C-Suite. The traditional three such officers are chief executive officer (CEO), chief operations officer (COO), and chief financial officer (CFO). C-level Executives 7 skills identified as the most highly-valued for C-suite candidates Leadership The most indispensable C-suite skills are those that jointly constitute leadership, with the specific type inspirational, non-authoritarian, or take-charge leadership depending on the company's specific needs. Strategic thinking and execution The ability to set the "strategic directi

Insurance Agent vs Insurance Broker

Insurance agents and brokers are insurance professionals who are intermediaries between insurance companies and customers. Who is an insurance agent? Insurance agents serve as a link between the customers and the insurance companies. Their function is more on an administrative level. They perform the paperwork, process policy forms and premiums for the policy holder. The insurance agents job ends once the customer takes the policy. It is for the customer to make an informed decision when buying policies and the insurance agent does not have any role in it. He is just a facilitator. Insurance agents come in two types. The captive insurance agent is one who works for a single company and an independent insurance agent is one who works for many companies. Who is an insurance broker? Insurance brokers are more professional than the insurance agents. They may help a customer to make the right decision on the policies. They offer a host of insurance policies for a customer to consi