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Know the future of your data, before you enhance its past

Many a times data is enhanced without understanding the end purpose of the data. It is important to first know what is the data being used and then get ahead with enhancing it.

If you are planning to use your data for tele-calling, to invite your clients either to attend your seminar or event, then there is no point in enhancing the entire data. Just getting the phone append service on your contacts which are less than 4 years old with your company makes sense.

Think through whether you want to create models and target customers by identifying the ones most likely to buy your products, or just screen customers on age and income for new offers. This brainstorming will help you decide whether you need household level demographics such as age, income, household size and educational level or Zip code-level or census tract-level data about consumer behavior. These decisions will let you seek out one or more data vendors that can supply the right data to your marketing service bureau or pe…

5 Impacts of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior

Since the evolution of the new media, the world has never been the same. Now we have multiple of options to choose from with regards to purchasing services or products. We’ve been so addicted to smartphones and tablets that we can hardly take our eyes off them. The statistics obtained from Statista say so too, the number of internet users globally has surpassed the benchmark of 3.5 billion. The fun fact of being able to market a product online over the internet is that one can literally scream about their brand in an appealing way to all over the world without getting any hindrance. Another figure obtained from Statista says that till the year 2019 the number of digital buyers is predicted to go up till 2 billion. A B2B marketing agency called Blender claims that 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done in this vast digital space. Let’s take a look as to how digital marketing impacts consumer buying behavior.
Ease of comparison: When you are a consumer scouting a particular product onli…

5 Beneficial Career Options for Media Professionals

Media has always been a considered a vast lucrative dimension with individuals who are experts in communication. Initially there were only two forms of media - print and electronic media, however new media is the latest addition to this basic categorization. Internet aka new media has been growing with a much faster pace than the other two media forms mainly because its affordable and the world has become one giant global village through it. Below I shall suggest some of the most popular careers which any budding media professional shall choose to gain more exposure in the industry.

Graphic Designer: The art of creating appealing and inspiring visuals through software is termed as graphic designing. Most of the media forms rely on the graphic designers to help them attract and engage the consumers with visuals. Designing layouts of newspaper, print advertisements, brochures, magazines and mobile/desktop websites fall under their job profile. These people are highly skilled in the late…

Choose your data Vendor right

When it comes to data appending, then choosing your data vendor plays a major role. There are hundreds of names which are into data services. All you have to do is filter them through to select the right one for you. Data vendors with relatively poor name in the industry will make you end up with bounced mails and spam mails too.

There are many firms that offer demographics, psychographics and lifestyle profile data. If you do not have time to research all of them, your data vendor or service bureau is likely to have a data expert who can recommend the right source for your purposes.

When it comes to data you cannot calculate every penny invested. Quality has a price and if you are getting something at a much cheaper price, make sure you check the quality either by requesting a quote or ordering a list. If the purposes for which you are enhancing your file include mailings, models and new customer acquisition, consider that you will soon spend more on postage to mail one customer or…

Keeping connected through mails

The initial things what changes when you hop jobs is your email id. Most of the email ids get outdated in a very short span of time. That’s when you come across the difficulties of connecting with your ideal target audience.

You know your clients and prospects want to hear from you via email, and you want to keep them informed with the latest information about your products and services. If your database is atleast few years old, be sure to have a number of outdated email ids. No matter how much of creativity and hard work gets into creating those emails, you have minimal response because of the the mail bounce rate.
European Lists can help, provide you with your internal lists and we'll add as many business or consumer email addresses as possible using our Email Append service. Get a quick estimate of how many emails we can add to your list with our free trial.
By adding email addresses to your mailing list you can: 
Increase website traffic Enhance your email marketing efforts Add…

Clean and Repair Your Own Data

Data gets decayed pretty fast and data append is something you cannot get away from. But is it practical to get your age old database updated through data append service. The answer is no.

Sticking to more recent customers, who are not more than 36 or 48 months old association with your company makes more sense. Why do you really want to spend money enhancing the records of customers who haven’t bought from you in years?

You can standardize your file yourself with postal and data hygiene software or send it out for appending services team. You want first and last names, first and second address lines, states, Zip codes and phone numbers in their proper fields with the same formatting you would use for mailing.

Even if you don’t mail your file now, but might want to, performing postal standardization and change of address processing will make your file cleaner and more usable, and it will improve the match rate to the third party data.

Respect private information and your customers’ p…

Append all that missing in your data

There are many ways to data append, however the best practices include a lot of systems. The need for data append arises when you want to enhance your customer data for targeted marketing or analytic purposes. A data append can lead a number of issues in connecting with the right customer.

There are several best practices which could be followed to maximize the data append process by getting the right data, improving the match rate of third party customer data, and having it come out in a format that you will be able to use successfully and immediately.

The process would start when you decide how you want to use your own data after you add the appended information. Then clean it and standardize your records. Make sure your file complies with privacy and financial security policies. Pick the information you want to use to enhance your file, run the matching process and validate the results.

This way you can have the data append process set in place.

Written by: Maria Wilson
Contact: +(4…

Get your data fixed with list append

Data lists and mailing lists are not a cheap buy available at your door step. In order to lay your hands on the most responsive and good quality mailing list, you have to shell out a good amount of money from your kitty. But is this a onetime investment… No!

Just because you have spent a lot on that particular list for example technology users list, do you intend to depend on it for the rest of your life. No… certainly not.

Email lists, phone numbers, mailing lists everything is dynamic. It keeps changing with time. That leads to the next question, should you buy a fresh list every time you want to launch a new product… Not really.

Investing one time on a responsive, highly potent mailing list is a smart investment. It can be used at least for 6 months with few glitches towards the end of the 6 month span. What next? If you are happy with the response, you may go back to the same list provider for a fresh and updated list. But that will cost as much as the first one.

On the other han…

No calls can go wrong now

To get a positive customer experience, your data quality and the power of your CRM holds the key. They are the main drivers of quality traffic and leads to your business. All that and more could be done when your phone numbers and contact information is updated at all times.

European Lists which offers append services also has phone append service. If you are willing to conduct a tele verification or make personal calls to people on their response to your mails, events, business, subscription, etc, then you need a much updated telephone database.

European Lists are updated at all times and the phone append service is offered when clients own an updated list but just need the updation in their phone numbers. European Lists uses its phone append services which includes Reverse Phone Append, Phone Append and Phone Validation, Do Not Call, and Phone Type Indicator.

With our phone append service you can 

Feed essential data to CRM systems Make sure that your  staff is equipped with an accura…