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Future of Technology Startups in Europe

Though there is a gloomy economic prospect in EU industries at present, this situation shall alter soon. As per the records of Trading Economics , Euro Area economics accelerated to 0.3% till June 2016 . This shows that European Union is fighting against the tides to expose its visibility in the global market. Its expected that the economic growth due to the internet savvy technology companies shall create new job opportunities to millions of people in Europe. However there has been a chain of startups coming up with a faster pace in the entire EU region. Starting a new company and making it compete with the existing market leaders is not that easy. Its generally an intimidating feeling for the entrepreneurs, however risks should be taken in order to achieve something big. This entire process of setting up a new enterprise provides prospects of learning and innovation. Fresh ideas are often appreciated by the audiences instead of the same age-old ones. These new businesses shall

5 Manufacturing Sector Initiatives In EU to know about

The manufacturing industry is prone to alterations, the European Union has been a dwelling regions for many big names in this sector. These companies have established territories globally and continue to generate humongous revenue for the entire region. According to the recent statistical figures obtained from manufacturing leadership council, this sector provides around 15% gross domestic product to the entire Europe. It also has been known to provide employment to 33 million people living in the EU regions. There have been certain setbacks for the European manufacturers which has declined the rate of its improvement like lower energy pricing, lesser resources, new competitors, and workforce growing older. Keeping these factors in mind the European union has come up with certain initiatives for the betterment of this thriving industry. EU Manufacturers working in pace Digitization of future manufacturing plants: Europe's 2020 agenda has given subsequent focus to Informat

Reach your audience with EU Consumer Lists

European Lists are created with such panache that it assures you of assisting you in reaching your potential customers/prospects across Europe. Small and big businesses who are targeting European customers are using this list. The EU consumer lists by us contains millions of contact addresses of people living across Europe. The lists give you the flexibility to choose contacts and compile their own lists from our master database. It is ensured that you reach your audience with our EU Consumer Lists because the consumer addresses have been selected from surveys and exhibitions, consumer forums and competition, consumer directories, websites and other trusted sources and are not compiled from some free online directories. The contact details include: postal address, email address, telephone, fax, SIC Code, etc. The major selects are : Contact person's name  Age  Gender/sex  Marital status  Ethnicity  Income  Purchase behavior  And more Our EU consumer lists are in

Biggest contributing industries of Europe

Europe is the largest economy in the world and any business which wants to flourish, can step on to this market. Europe is comprised of around 50 different countries and is considered as the richest economy in the world. Even the poorest in this region is way beyond the criteria of poor in other continents. The existing GDP is $19.920 trillion and represents 32.4% of the world’s GDP.  If you are planning to step into the European markets, then here is quick glance on what to look for and what to be careful of. The money vending industries in Europe are the following: Automotive -  Europe is responsible for producing the highest number of motor vehicles in the world Chemicals – Europe is the employer for more than 3.2 million people in this industry  Food Industry – Europe comprises of more than 300,000 companies across Europe Textiles and Clothing – This industry alone is employing over 2.5 million people in Europe Tourism – Europe gets over 5% of the GDP contrib

No matter how, we ensure you reach your target European

Businesses cannot work in silos, especially in Europe. You have to connect with others at one point or the other like, when you Want to send an invitation through Direct mail  Want to scream your offers aloud through Email  Want to connect only with small companies for your next launch  Want to personally invite participants for your workshop/seminar  Want to conduct a research on specific industries The reasons to contact a third person could be plenty, but the requirement to accomplish all this and more depends on a responsive B2B List . If you are planning to do any of the above or anything related to contacting with others, you will need a professionally tailored B2B List which has Postal address  Email address  Contact Number  Fax  SIC code  Revenue  Industry and more No matter how far or distant your targets look, european Lists will partner with you to accomplish it. Just invest for what you use… If you want just postal address or just contact numbe

The making of a European B2B List

Creating B2B Lists in itself is a herculean task and making lists which are based on countries is even more difficult. This is because of the linguistic barriers and cultural differences. However, for professionals who are in the job of collating lists for years like euopean Lists , this is as simple as any other daily chore. With the experience of creating B2B lists, we sense Europe just like Europeans know their rich traditions of philosophy, science, literature, arts and histories of empires. If you are targeting European companies and trying to reach their key decision makers, european Lists is your best bet. The lists are not a result of an individual alone, but a team of over 2500 members who work together to deliver the most responsive B2B List to your business desk. We collate data from various sources like Surveys  Workshops  Seminars  Trade shows  Business directories  Websites and various other trusted sources Unlike most of the other list vend

Is your B2B list craving for attention?

B2B Lists in most companies usually crave for attention. After the first launch, the B2B marketing list is left orphaned, but is used and abused frequently, without giving it the due attention. Stop abusing your B2B lists and start using an updated list from a professional like european Lists If you want your products and services to connect with your target group, impress and convert, then take some time either to update it yourself, or hand it over to a professional who can give the much needed makeover to it. In case you chose the first option of doing it yourself, you will be running on the risk of losing your market and losing your potential clients because of poor updating process. Especially when you are trying to target the European market, you need to pay extra attention in the language used and the way approached. Give your existing data a special makeover with European Lists. Once we lay our hands on your existing B2B lists, we will  Brush off the inact

Emerging Role of HR Executives as Strategic Business Partners

By the term “human resource” we always imply a department which looks after personnel recruitment, administration and compliance of the company as per the industry standards. However, this role has widened its scope these days; along with the C-Level Executives the HR professionals too get the responsibility of becoming business partners for an organization. HR business partners function closely with the senior leaders of the company in order to develop a viable HR agenda that closely supports its overall goals. These business partners sit on the board of directors’ panel and other C-suite executives in order to make important decisions for the company. Professionals who act as HR business partners are generally are generally efficient communicators, they analyze the financial value and future worth of people employed by the company. They convey high-level decisions to the entire organization besides just managing its HR policies. In simple words, these partners are mere mediums be