How can Pediatricians Improve Early Education and Quality Child Care?

Being a pediatrician does not only mean understanding symptoms of discomforts, finding out diseases and prescribing medicines for children. Pediatricians also play an important role in the early education of kids by transforming the ways of providing child care. With their trusting relationship with families and frequent contacts with children in their early years, it’s easy for them to make a difference through counseling rather than an outsider expert sitting in a child care providing organization.
Influencing Families to go for High-quality Medical Care
Pediatricians can incorporate childcare issues into individual clinical services when they serve the families while treating their kids. They can advise families to find a high-quality child care provider and reduce life risk, rather than depending on cheap quality caregivers from unauthorized sources. They can provide extra care especially for children with special needs and help them lead a better lifestyle.
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Providing Health Consultation to Child Care Programs
Pediatricians, who are interested in providing communication-based services, can promote health and safety awareness among children and their families by establishing an ongoing relationship with childcare program. As these medical specialists regularly handle children, observe them closely, they have e better understanding (than any other professionals) about different health and psychological issues related to children and easily prescribe more effective solutions to implement in their daily lives.
Bring Betterment in the Everyday Lifestyle
Preschools teach children about eating healthy food and brushing their teeth regularly. But children with health complications need more professional attention to implementing these learnings in their lifestyle, and that is where pediatricians can step in. If Pediatricians involve themselves to help children live a better and balanced lifestyle by providing real-time and personalized solutions then the outcome will be much more effective.
Come forward to make the Right Start
As mentioned in The Guardian’s report, “…children who go to preschool were significantly more likely to take four or more AS-levels, suggesting that far more preschoolers end up taking an academic route into university than those who do not have the same educational start”.
The right way of providing early education helps children not only in building healthy living habits, but also developing their emotional intelligence. If pediatricians directly get involved, the process of early childcare will become much more result-driven and practical solution-oriented and help them to overcome different physical and psychological challenges.
The science of quality improvement (QI) in early childhood education is getting advanced just like the science of QI in healthcare. So why not leverage it by providing the right assistance? Pediatricians can provide the right training to the child care providing staff and improve the quality of their provided care with implementing practical solution-oriented techniques.
If pediatrics and child care provider organizations collaborate, this will change the dimension of early education child care. School readiness includes not only the early academic skills of children but also their physical health, social and emotional development, and general knowledge. With the right partnership of a pediatrician and a child care provider- this can take place successfully.    

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